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We specialize in Indonesian and Southeast Asian art and cultures, with focus on the traditional artistry from Borneo, Bali, Java, Timor and its surrounding areas.

All items for sale on our website are guaranteed as described and include an expertise.
Any purchase may be returned for a full refund within 3 days of receipt if the piece is not found to be satisfactory.

For inquiry please contact us via email or by phone. We speak English, German, French, Italian, and Indonesian.

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Monteggio (Lugano)
Tel:  +41 (0)78 851 63 96


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A: Payments can be made by bank transfer only.

A: All prices are in CHF (Swiss franc)

A: All deliveries are made by SWISS POST, DHL or TNT couriers.

A: The items will be sent within 24-48 hours after confirmation of the payment. The consignment will take 2-10 working days, depending on the shipping method and the destination.

A: We want you to be satisfied. Any purchase from the website may be returned for a full refund within 3 days of receipt if the piece is not found to be satisfactory. The sale becomes final at the expiry of the 3 days examination period.
Please read our policy for further information (paragraph G. RETURNS PROCEDURE DURING EXAMINATION PERIOD).

A: We get the items in situ and from collectors.

A: All items for sale on our website are guaranteed. An expertise will be issued by our Gallery.
Specific information are detailed in our policy (paragraph B. ITEM DESCRIPTIONS).

A: The life time of wooden objects is affected by several factors. Four of the most important are the typology of the wood, the quality of the wood, the collocation of the object in its natural environment, and the function of the object.

The tropical clime of Southeast Asia is characterized by the rainy season, the strength of the equatorial sun, a high degree of humidity, acid soils, a large number of insects and the floods. In this context, and depending on the incisiveness of the different factors, a good quality hardwood exposed to the weather may resist two or three centuries, and in some very exceptional cases maybe more. But the same typology of hardwood, after some decennials may look older in comparison with a two centuries old one and may perish more rapidly. Traditional dating methods like radiocarbon (C14) and dendrochronology (tree-ring dating) are often unusable due to the limits of the two analysis methods, i.e. the minimal age of a datable object (C14 dating is not very accurate for fairly recent deposits) and the particular tropical clime which prevents in most cases from the analysis of tree age by counting annual rings. In most cases, the age of a wooden artwork is evaluated by means of converging information like the style, the use of specific decorations, the collocation, the weathering, the field records and the archives consultations. This information allows establishing an estimated age of a wooden object.


A. Privacy statement

All contact details will be kept only for purposes of sales records, forwarding of future newsletters and notification of new acquisitions. Contact details will not be released to third parties.

B. Item descriptions

We guarantees and underwrites the accuracy of given descriptions and details of items listed on the website, with regard to authenticity, what the item is, where the item is from/what culture, estimated age/period, condition, provenance.

C. Conditions of sale

Available payment option is bank transfer and full payment to be received before delivery. Shipping costs agreed prior to sale and to be payable by the buyer. Packing costs to be payable by the seller. Local taxes and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

D. Written invoice

The invoice includes the item’s price, shipping costs, descriptions, guarantees and provenance as listed in paragraph B.

E. Examination period

The length of the examination period from receipt of goods is 3 days. The sale becomes final at the expiry of the 3 days examination period.

F. Return's criteria during examination period

Acceptable reasons to request a return are: damage to item in shipping, legitimate concerns about restoration, misidentification, questions of authenticity.

G. Return's procedure during examination period

The buyer must contact the seller in the first instance, stating their objection. The seller is allowed to offer due cause and reason. Should a return be agreed, the item it must be suitably packed and arrive in the same condition. The buyer pays for shipping. The seller refunds purchase price – minus shipping – after receipt and examination of the item.