Bornean ceremonial post. Blontang

This is an extraordinary example of an ironwood ceremonial post from the Barito Dayak complex, collected by Serge Brignoni most probably before the Second World War when he was living in Paris.
The artwork distinguishes for the excellent quality of hard ironwood, the antiquity, the patina and the aesthetic strength.

The figure presents the classic heart-shaped face with strong expressive big bulging eyes and open mouth with a row of prominent teeth and a protounding tongue.
An eroded head of hairs in triangular form falls on the nape and depicts vegetal motives in high relief.
The proportional linear bust presents two arms in high relief almost detached from the background.
The massive legs carved in the round break the rigidity of the bust and tie up with the sinuous traits of the head, giving form to a tripartite body which is of primary importance in the dynamism of the figure in space.
The lower part is decorated with vegetal motifs of leaves and liana and with two exceptional animals carved in the round: a crocodile grasping the post and a weathered naga head with open mouth.