Hi’ i worapi or Selimut

Sabu Island
Hand spun cotton, commercial cotton, mostly natural dyes
185 × 94 cm
Second half of 20th Century
Price: CHF 700.-

Such ceremonial cloths from Sabu were made to be used by men of the nobility, wrapped around the chest or draped over the shoulder. This specimen has seven large bands decorated with patterns of flowers (boda) represented in waving lines form (kekama hab'a). Like every hi’ i worapi, it shows three main colours – i.e. red, blue and white – on the ikatted band, with two shades of blue and two shades of red.

A very similar hi’ i worapi to this is published in Ikats of Savu (fig. 89), while an almost identical one is shown in the Pusaka Collection (n. 139).

The graceful motion of the ornamental waving lines and the fine variations of colours furnish a true source of beauty to this textile.

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