Magic wand for hunting. Kelulong

East Borneo
Tunjung Dayak
Wood, patina
57.9 × 2.9 ×2.2 cm
Price: CHF 1'800.-
Inv. BO.HE.10A

A rare example of magic hunting wand of the Tunjung, it features an anthropomorphic figure standing on the extremity of the stick.

Kelulongs are very rare, and the only publication that documents and describes one in detail is Patong (p. 167).

This magic wand presents a standing figure, as in the classical kelulongs. This is a very peculiar representation because of the very long tongue protruding from the mouth and reaching across the figure’s torso. Unlike Iban magic hunting wands, kelulongs were left next to the trap for three nights and three days in order for them to attract the preys to it.

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