Magic wand for hunting. Tuntun

West Borneo
Iban Dayak
Wood, patina
53.5 × 2.7 × 2.5 cm
Ex private collection
Price: CHF 2'000.-
Inv. BO.HE.10D

Bewitching stick used in hunting wild pig and deer. It is decorated on its top by a crouching anthropomorphic figure, often a divinity that, once carved, was activated so it would help the hunter to attract animals to his trap.

On the whole there are several different figures represented on the top of tuntuns. The primary inspiration for the production of each of them ensued from a dream experience.

This tuntun, with its flat and markedly rectangular body, is characterised by its simplified and geometrical rendering of the body, clearly suggesting the link between ethnic art and the avant-garde artists of the twentieth century: the large spherical head with sketched-in lineaments is connected to the flat rectangular torso by a long cylindrical neck. Its open mouth reminds us that the representation is calling out to the pig to attract it into the trap.

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