Magic wand for hunting. Tuntun

West Borneo
Iban Dayak
Wood, patina
53 × 3 × 3.5 cm
Price: CHF 1'000.-
Inv. BO.10.036

Bewitching stick used in hunting wild pig and deer, decorated on its top with a squatting divinity with simian features. After it was carved, the divinity would be animated so that it would aid the hunter to attract prey to his trap.

On the whole a wide-ranging set of figures may be represented on the top of tuntuns. The primary inspiration for the production of each of them derived from dream experiences. A work similar to this one, with a bulky body and a monkey’s face, is published in Patong (p. 165).

Its open mouth reminds us that the representation is calling out to the pig to attract it into the trap.

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