Light wood
Early 20th century
192 × 39 × 9 cm
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Inv. BA.11.003

This beautiful Balinese Buddha is made from a single block of wood. Within a niche, surrounded by a frame of lotus flowers in relief, the Buddha is depicted in standing posture with arms crossed over the stomach, almost completely detached from the background.
The Buddha’s face shows open eyes and ears with rounded tips and elongated lobes.
The cranial protuberance (ushnisha) on the top of the head, signifying wisdom, is surmounted by a flame final emanating as a ray of light, that symbolizes Buddha’s power, glory and enlightening.
The refined creeping plants covering his naked body add a mystical aura to the extraordinary sense of serenity and intensity that seems to emanate from the figure, an atmosphere that may be a reflection of the Buddha’s spirituality.

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