Clan house door

East Borneo
Modang Dayak
Modang. 194 x 75,5 x 13 cm
Price: CHF 1'600.-
Inv. BO.10.029

Large section of door from a clan house, marking the access to the apartment of a high-ranking dignitary.

The door is decorated with a large number of mythical aso’ protectors hybridized with different animals. The sinuous forms and the symmetry are the dominant traits of the composition.

The massive handle is in form of the dog-bear, while the door surface depicts an exceptional face of a protective divinity in surrealistic style, which traits are made up of dog-dragons: two stylized aso’ form the nose, while two combined heads with open mouth of as much dog-dragons, showing a great body with scales, form a mouth exhibiting dangerous fangs. The globular eyes with denticulate perimeter complete the face.

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