Ceremonial mask. Hudoq

East Borneo
Bahau Dayak
Wood, dyes, feathers, shells, metal
106 × 63 × 32 cm
Inv. BO.11.048

Large example of the famous ceremonial masks called hudoq, used on occasion of the propitiatory dances that are performed before sowing time in order to bless and protect the young rice plants and ensure that the growing season will end with a good harvest and prosperity for the community. 

Hudoq masks have been widely documented and published. A set of such masks can be found for example in Hornbill and Dragon (pp. 211-212).

This is magnificent mask, complemented by its headdress, decorated with cowries and feathers, which is fastened to the dancer ’s forehead in order to hold the mask in place during dancing.

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